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The what, where
and why:

Draft Studios is a web application development, user interface/user experience design, and technology strategy company based in Philadelphia. We develop prototypes, websites, apps, and minimum viable products for early-stage startups and social impact organizations.

We provide people who have big ideas the technical backing and confidence to get their ideas off of the whiteboard and into the world. Don’t have a technical team or co-founder? We’ll fill that position for you and be there every step of the way making sure your product or service comes to life.

We engage with client companies in
three ways:

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logo for Fee for Service

Fee for Service:

Clients pay the total contract amount
in exchange for the services
agreed upon.

logo for Equity for Service

Equity for Service:

Clients provide an amount of equity in
their company in exchange for
services agreed upon.

logo for Social Impact Service

Social Impact Service:

Clients who do social impact-focused
work are provided with services
at no cost.

The Who:

Our team is made up of experienced tech leaders ready to take on our next challenge and become your product team. If you’re ready to build something great, we’re ready to get started.

Headshot for Sylvester Mobley

Sylvester Mobley

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot for Gwendolyn Bugglin-Borer

Gwendolyn Bugglin-Borer

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot for David Castellanos-Benito

David Castellanos-Benito

Lead Developer

Headshot for Amin Ahmed

Amin Ahmed

Product Manager

Headshot for Lennin Antunish

Lennin Antunish

Project Manager

Headshot for Jasmine Liu

Jasmine Liu

UI/UX Designer

Headshot for Alice He

Alice He

Associate Developer

Headshot for Siani Mobley

Siani Mobley

UI/UX Intern